In conversation with Ishtakamya film team

Ishtakamya a Kannada romantic comedy film based on the 1980s novel of the same name written by Dodderi Venkatagiri Rao. The film is directed by eminent director Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar and features Vijay Suriya of Agni Sakshi serial fame, Mayuri of Ashwini Nakshatra fame and Kavya Shetty in the lead roles. The film has a gripping plot that talks to the youths of present day about their choices. The film has receiving a huge appreciation all over the state and is running towards its 50 days. Ishtakamya film team, who had been to Mysuru for theatre visit, spoke to City Today on their journey in making of Ishtakamya and its success.

Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar
Nagathihalli Chadrashekhar

Nagathihalli Chadrashekhar, Director


Why did you choose to make a film based on a novel?

Ishtakamya novel written by Dodderi Venkatagiri Rao is one of my favorite novels and when I wanted to come up with a new film, the plot attracted me. I took nearly six months to transform the story to the screenplay; it was very interesting and was really happy with the output. Without any next thought I choose to make this film.

There are very less films made based on novels in our industry, why is it so and how challenging is to make a novel based film?

There are two reasons to the answer. Today most of the people especially the directors don’t have the habit of reading novels or books the real problem lie there. Secondly we don’t have great filmmakers or directors like Puttanna who had deep insights on how to transform a story of novel to films. Transforming a novel to film is not an easy task, it was quite challenging to me. In any novel there are many elements that are impossible to show in the film framework. Transforming and updating it to a film is a very long process and I had to make few versions out of it. We need to see the present issues amongst us and then transform it to the present time. Though Ishtakamya is an adoption of novel, there’s a lot of change from the original one in the film that’s been updated to the present day youngsters.

So, what is the Ishtakamya movie all about?

Though it is a love story movie revolves around how the institution of marriage are weakened in modern days and what tend the modern youths to have their wedding in the morning and divorce by evening. A lot of things are discussed in the film, it also portrays Live-in relationship. Ishtakamya is a clean and sweet film shot in the green lush suitable for all types of audience.

In most of your film you cast newbies, this time you have casted serial actors, is there any particular reason?

As the industry knows I believe in fresh and new artistes, and have always been trying new face in films and promoting the young talent. Vijay Surya and Mayuri both had a great fame in the world of Kannada serials. These actors had a great commitment and suited the characters I designed. Unlike established starts they don’t have time constraints. They have all worked hard and have done justice to their roles.

Personally when you consider any film, who is the real hero, is it the story, director or the actors?

For any film Story is the real Hero and Music is the real heroin.


Kavya Shetty, actress

How was it like working with director like Nagathihalli Chandrashekar and working in a novel based film?

It’s been a great experience, and learnt a lot about the craft of acting. Working with Nagathihalli sir was dream come true he’s such a humble and calm person, and I learnt so much from his discipline and the values he holds.

You’ve worked in other film industries too; do you feel any difference out there?

There is no much difference other than the language. There are good technicians in all the film industries. Kannada is easier for me to understand but in tamil or any other industry am not much familiar with those language and I feel bit difficult to manage.


Vijay Surya, Actor

You have made it from small screen to silver screen, how challenging is to act in films than serials?

Acting is always acting there’s not much change in serials and films. The format of serial and films are what really matters, in serials its routine work but when it comes to films it’s a long schedule.

How does our film industry welcome serial actors?

There is a lot of scope for small screen actors to act in films; we need to make use of each and every opportunity we get here in the industry. Many small screen actors have now established as stalwarts of our industry, industry whole heartedly welcomes everyone, it’s we who need to make use of the prospects.

Today Ishtakamya has been receiving a great appreciation everywhere how do you feel?

We are receiving great reception everywhere and film is attracting all types of audience. It may be in social media or in any other medium; there has been a huge appreciation. I am glad that I received a breakthrough in my debut film.




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