In Mumbai, an Oscars-style selfie for Israel PM taken by Amitabh

Prime News, National (Mumbai), January 19:- This was his last stop in Mumbai before the early Friday morning flight, an evening with some of Bollywood’s biggest stars and film personalities. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has spent five days in India to deepen ties and seal deals between the two countries, had a request at the end it. He wanted a selfie.
This one, he said, would have a message.
“I am so passionate about this relationship and I want every Indian and every Israeli to know about the phenomenal friendship between the two countries. So I have an idea, one of the most viral pictures of all time took place at the Oscars, and several celebrities including Brad Pitt took a selfie,”  Netanyahu said after a short speech peppered with witty remarks that had his star-studded audience breaking into a smile, now and then.
“I want all the Bollywood celebrities, producers and stars to join together for a selfie. Let a few hundred million people see the friendship,” Netanyahu said.
The stars quickly agreed. Amitabh Bachchan, the tallest of them, held the selfie stick and a few minutes later, the Israeli PM uploaded the picture. (MR, Inputs:  Agencies).

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