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In the world of magic

Magic is a beautiful world of illusion and tricks that attract and arouse curiosity among the audience. Magic has been in existence since times immemorial. Even in early Indian literatures we can find its reference as ‘Indrajala’. It has been one of the oldest performing arts of the world. Magic shows were one of the major sources of entertainment in the earlier days. It has its relevance even today and the global level magic shows, competitions, meets are coming up every now and then.

Sudarshan Jadhugar 2Sudarshan, a young magician from Mysuru, is marking his footsteps in the world of magic. He has been in the field for over eight years now. He always wanted to be a magician since his childhood. Sudarshan got into magic when he was 15 years of age. Unfortunately, he met with an accident and was on bed rest for several weeks. To overcome the shock, pain and distress, he started reading magic books and learnt some magic tricks.

The world of magic attracted him so much that he considered magic as his career. He is a self-taught magician who had been to no gurus to learn magic. He learnt several tricks by reading the magic books presented to him by his uncle, Raghu, a BSNL employee. He developed passion and dedication towards magic and started conducting shows.

Sudarshan now has more than 30 different variety of tricks up his sleeve that attracts the audience. Apart from the tricks, he does illusions such as splitting human body into two, making a girl float in the air and many others. He did not want go to classes to learn magic as it would financially affect his parents, Vijayalakshmi, a saree designer and Keshavamurthy, an auto rickshaw driver. They have been full of encouragement to Sudarshan.

Sudarshan Jadhugar 1

After taking up magic as his profession, he has given more than 300 shows. He does around 22 tricks in his shows, including magic with cards, piercing with knife, money from paper, illusions. As a school boy, he performed in front of former president Dr APJ Abdul Kalam who lauded the talent of this self-taught young lad. He has also performed in front of the then chief minister of Karnataka, B S Yeddyurappa.

When he was in class 10, he rode a bicycle blind-folded for 5 km.  A year back, he rode a scooter blindfolded from Mysuru to Srirangapattana and back. It has given him an entry into the field of stunt with magic. He has done this to create awareness among the public and help the flood-hit Tamil Nadu. He has also performed in various fund-raising events for poor for free of cost that made him a magician with a kind gesture.

He also wishes to teach magic to students who want to learn and to take magic to its glory in Mysuru. Magic has been his passion, profession and affection over the years.

“There is a good support to all other performing arts by the government, but magic is an art neglected. As there are academies of folk arts, literature, we urge the government to establish a magic academy that can help to develop this art,” says Sudarshan with a reason. He also aims at organising an international level magic meet in Mysuru to spread the magic in the heritage city.

                                                                                      – By Shrithi Joyappa K

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