Include millet in your diet to fight diabetes

There is a natural remedy, perhaps a permanent solution to diabetes in the form of food, which people suffering from diabetes would love to consume. Yes, stop shelling out more money on medicines and start consuming millet – the little grains that has the potential cure diabetes.

In an attempt to provide people with adequate information on preventing diabetes through a simple change in food habit, Karnataka Farmers’ Market – an association promoting the consumption of millet – held a millet mela at Nanjaraja Bahadur Choultry.

Millet which is natural source of fibre, protein, calcium, magnesium, helps control the blood sugar spike. Just replacing refined grains, especially rice and wheat, with these tiny power-packed millets, people living with diabetes may never have to go to a doctor. Millet is low in essential amino acids and higher than most grains in fat content, 75 percent of which is heart-healthy polyunsaturated fat. Millet has been shown to be potentially beneficial in the management of diabetes.

Problem lies not with the consumption of rice or wheat, but the way those grains are grown, using chemicals and pesticides, says Anand, the Chief Coordinator of the mela. “Millet contains substantial quantities of several minerals, including calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium and proved to be the natural enemy of diabetes. If people with diabetes change their food habit and include millet as their diet, they can keep their diabetes at bay,” Anand added.

“People, not realising the adverse effects of medicine, continue to rely on medicine while the solution for diabetes lies in the mismatch food style,” Anand said.

He pointed that millet can be an alternative to rice as every dish that required rice can be replaced by millets. The association had also organised a cooking programme on Sunday, demonstrating various dishes prepared from millet, including dosa and pongal. 

Foxtail millet, little millet, Kodu millet, Barnyard millet and Brown top millet along with a range of home-made items including soaps, edible oil and jiggery were displayed at the mela.



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