Inclusive economic growth: National conference held

“Sustainable development is a comprehensive way of referring to ecologically sustainable economic development,” said Professor of Economics, Australian National University Dr Kalliappa Kalirajan.

He was speaking at the 2nd international conference on ‘Inclusive economic growth and sustainable development’ organised by Sri Dharmasthala Manjunateshwara Institute of Management development (SDMIMD) in the city on Friday. Prof Kalliappa said, “Sustainable development goals promoted by the United Nation (UN), is the current priority of the countries all around the world. Sustainable development is an inclusive of ecologically sustainable economic development, which means the maintenance of socially valuable environmental components, processes and systems. To achieve inclusive growth, transfer of knowledge and technology between countries plays a pivotal role and the trade channel facilitates access to the outputs of foreign R&D.”

“Today China, Japan and Korea are the top three countries whose average export efficiency concerning the APEC 54 list are 87%, 83% and 78% whereas India’s is just around 67%. A free trade zone for low carbon energy goods to start with will facilitate sustainable development and inclusive growth connecting all developing countries. Regional financing cooperation and harmonisation of trade policies including customs regulations and certifications helps to non-traffic business (NTB),” he added.

Director of SDMIMD Dr N R Parasuraman, Conference Chair Dr B Venkataraja and others were present.

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