Independent probe must, national security no excuse: Shashi Tharoor on Pegasus row

Prime News, National (New Delhi), July 20:- Chairman of Parliamentary Standing Committee on IT Shashi Tharoor on Monday (July 19) said that an independent investigation is absolutely indispensable in the Pegasus spyware controversy.

“So the question that comes up is who has done it so if the government of India did it that is very bad, if somebody’s not authorized by the government of India did it that’s even worse. And if a foreign government say China or Pakistan snooped on our people then, national security demands that our government should want to investigate and this is why I feel that an independent investigation is absolutely indispensable,” Tharoor told ANI.

The Congress leader also referred to the Pegasus case that happened two years back and stated that now national security cannot be a good enough explanation anymore in this regard.

“It is true that two years ago when the first breach of Pegasus occurred when there was a report that many people had been compromised through their WhatsApp on that occasion. Some members did not wish to have a discussion, citing national security. I think today`s details would suggest that national security is not a good enough explanation anymore. And in any case, the government is not seeking a national security exemption,” he added. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).

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