India has things to learn to make democracy stronger!

The United States of America is all set for another historic election. It has been one of the most awkwardly fought, personally abused presidential elections in the history of the US. Unfortunately, the Americans are no longer left with another option to choose other than Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton!

Trump and Hillary have taken the election to a disgusting, personal level and made the citizens to wonder why we would have to choose any of the two. Probably for the first time US has witnessed such a caste based political uproar as Trump has been identified as anti Muslim and Hillary as a Muslim soft cornered. Trump has considered the Hindu voters of Indian origin as his vote bank and made the entire possible gimmick to win their trust. Probably it is for the first time the Indian Americans are considered as a vote bank though they do not constitute such a large number.

Along with all the criticism, the largest democracy, India has to learn a lot from the electoral process of the US. The people get to see their leaders face off each other and know the ideas of the presidential candidates to empower the country. Unfortunately for Indians, it has not happened to get the candidates on a single stage and set up a healthy debate, which indeed strengthens the democracy.

If India adopts the system of public debates, the voters can keep away the politicians who are unaware of the people’s plight and are no knowledgeable. It might not be that easy to have such face offs in a country having multiple political parties, but the last parliament elections have clearly shown that Indians are considering BJP and Congress as the only two major parties of the country.

It has to be practiced from the MLAs’ level to identify the better ones. It would also attract the educated young voters to participate in the elections actively. Either Trump wins or Hillary, America loses in one or the other aspect. But by practicing the public debates in elections in India, we can create a healthy political environment, alas! The filthy fights and the personal defaming would be at their peak though!

-By Shreeharsha C M

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