India needs to up social development indices

Social development and environmental concerns are often not accorded the attention they deserve in public policy discourse. The reason for this is that they are often seen in direct conflict with economic prosperity. However, over the years, development practitioners have realised that there is a strong link between social, environmental and economic development. This, they opine, is central to why there needs to be measurement and benchmarking across these vital dimensions of development. So far several composite indices have been developed by development theorists and practitioners but very few look to solely measure social and environmental performance.

This is where the Social Progress Index (SPI) is a unique effort in measuring, tracking and benchmarking the social and environmental progress of locations. The Index originally started with measurement of countries but of late, there is an increasing realisation that measurement of social progress should be done at deeper levels of geography. The most recent effort is the release of an annual global report on measuring and tracking social progress.

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