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India ranks 102nd in the world hunger list: Dr Ayyappan

Mysuru, October 17:- “Of the 117 countries on the world hunger list, India ranks 102nd. There are about 30,000 different food crops that can be cultivated. However, farmers are cultivating only 200 crops as they are attracted to modern food,” said Dr S Ayyappan, Chancellor of Central Agricultural University on Wednesday.

The Zilla Panchayat, Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Technology Management Institute, Agriculture Technological Institute and JSS Agriculture Science Centre, Suttur, hosted the World Food Day and National Women’s Farmers’ Day Symposium at the Karnataka Agricultural Marketing Research Institute’s auditorium on Hunsur Road in the city.

“Of the 307 million tonnes of food produced worldwide, 25 per cent is wasted. As a result of this, over 2000 farmers are quitting agriculture every day,” he said.

“Today, the youth population is migrating to urban areas and the farmers are facing a shortage of water, land and labourers. There are over 14 crore farmer families worldwide. Of these, 84 per cent are small farmers and 50 per cent own land. India is also a agriculture-based nation including many farmer families. Here all the members of the family take part in agriculture. This rate should rise to 70%. The production level should double over the next 30 years. Only then, the economic status of farmer families could be improved,” he suggested.

“About 28 crore tonnes of agricultural products are produced every year in India. 50 million tonnes of food is produced if non-vegetarian food products are considered. It is very important that farmers protect their crops from pesticides. The country imported 12 lakh tonnes of pulses in 2013. But now its volume has dropped to 4 lakh tonnes. Despite the increase in the number of pulses’ growers, there is no increase in the price causing worries to the farmers,” he added.

Farmer woman Indiramma Nagabhushanaaradhya, Joint Director of Agriculture Department Dr M Mahantheshappa, Dean of the Yalachahalli Horticulture College Dr G Janardhan, President of the Institute of Agriculture Technology Dr KR Krishnaiah, Senior Scientist of the JSS Agriculture Sciences Centre Dr Arun Balamatti, Dr DS Somashekhara and others were present. (MR/KS)

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