‘Indian Muslims much safer than Muslims in Islamic countries’: This Saudi woman’s reply is winning hearts

Prime News, International (New Delhi), August 23:- A Saudi woman’s frank response on question-and-answer community platform Quora is going viral.

Aisha Fahda, who defines herself as ‘a Muslim girl living in Sweden’, said that “ Indian Muslims are much safer than those Muslims living in the Islamic countries.”

An anonymous Quoran asked, “Why don’t Pakistan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia together attack India to save Indian Muslims?”

The question has more than 100 responses, including a few highly upvoted ones. But Fahda’s response stood out. Here’s a complete text of her response.

Q: “Why don’t Pakistan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia together attack India to save Indian Muslims?”

Aisha Fahda: I’m not an Indian but I can tell you for sure that Indian Muslims are much more safer than those Muslims living in the Islamic countries.

Islamic countries follow the “Islamic Sharia Law” which is extremely totalitarian and completely against human rights.

I am a Saudi woman and I have spent my entire childhood in Saudi Arabia. I have witnessed many public executions since I was only 6 years old. I saw a man being beheaded for leaving Islam (apostasy), I saw a thief whose left hand was being amputated as a punishment for stealing and I saw three gays being thrown from the rooftop of a tall building because homosexuality is a sin in Islam.

All of these cruel acts happen because Islamic countries are governed by the Sharia law.

Indians, on the other hand, are governed by something known as the “Indian Constitution” which is full of human rights and gender equality. India is one of the best democracies in the entire world.

I have been currently living in Sweden since I was 22 years old. My boyfriend is an Indian and we both visited India last year. And believe me when I tell you this, Indians have a heart of gold and they are as secular as secular ever will be.

If I would have been living in Saudi Arabia instead of Sweden, I would have been beheaded because I partied a lot here in Sweden and also drank a lot of whiskey and sherry wine. My boyfriend would have been beheaded as well because he lost his virginity before marriage when he was only 15 years old.

So, Pakistan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia should concentrate on the welfare of their own people instead of trying to save Indian Muslims, who are perfectly leading such a safe and wonderful life in India.”

The answer has over 16 thousand upvotes and nearly 200 shares. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).

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