Indian student goes missing in Germany

Prime News, Karnataka, June 22:- A student from Bagalkot, who is in Germany for higher studies reportedly missing, creating panic in his family.

According to sources, Manjunath Siddanna Choori, a Bachelor of Engineering graduate from Seemekeri village proceeds to Germany for higher studies reported missing.

A year ago Manjunath was enrolled into Master of Software course in Hamburg University, Germany.

Manjunaht used to call his mother every day, but he was upset upon hearing his fathers death in an accident. For the few days no calls received from him. His mother Mahanande pleading every one visiting her house to locate Manjunath.

Suspicion rose about his disappearance as his room keys couriered to his friend and mobile phone was switched off.

Meanwhile, German Foreign ministry appraised of the Indian counterpart about Manjunath disappearance, in turn Indian Foreign ministry informed Manjunath family.

The family of Manjunath appeals to Karnakata Chief Minister and Prime Ministers office to trace the student.


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