Indian students worry about physical safety in US

Prime News, International, July 15:- The Institute of International Education (IIE) survey revealed that Indian students in United States (US) have a high level of concern” about potential study in the US.

IIE survey said that with over a million international students pursuing higher education in the US and contributing more than $36 billion to the American economy, the stakes are high, it said.

The IIE said that the survey results indicate the highest level of institutional concern regarding enrolment of students from the Middle East, followed by India.
Further the survey indicate that the thirty-one per cent of institutions are very concerned that Middle Eastern students who have accepted offers of admissions may not arrive on campus in the fall, and 20 per cent are very concerned that Indian students may not arrive on campus, it said.

According to the study, there is however little concern about students from Europe and Canada arriving on campus in the fall and only little concern about students’ arrival from China and Latin America.


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