India’s federal system challenging good governance: US senator

India’s federal system is challenging good governance leading to issues of religious intolerance and extra-judicial killings, a US senator said here on Wednesday.

“Good governance is challenged by India’s federalism system,” Senator Benjamin Louis ‘Ben’ Cardin, a Democrat and a ranking member of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee (SFRC), said while delivering a lecture on “Role of good governance in international relations” organised by the US embassy and think tank, the Observer Research Foundation (ORF).

“I believe in federalism system. I served in the United States legislature,” he said, adding that it can help a country to develop policies to deal with critical problems.

“However, the current federalism system here in India is challenging the effectiveness of national policies to combat corruption and other human rights violations.

“There are extra-judicial killings here in India, in different areas of this country.

“That cannot be allowed to continue.”

Cardin also flagged the issue of religious intolerance in India.

“There are religious tolerance issues, you have anti-conversion laws a long time ago for different reasons that exist today and yet they are being used in some parts of India to infringe people’s rights to religious freedom,” he said.

He also said that women were particularly vulnerable in India.

“Crimes against women have been permitted to exist for too long a period of time,” he said, adding that these were national challenges.

He referred to US President Barack Obama’s observation that how a nation treated its women is a clear barometer of how well it would do.

“India must do better,” he stressed.

Cardin also raised the issue of human trafficking in India.

“And I must tell you it is particularly troublesome on the issue of human trafficking.

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