Induction Programme by department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at NIE IT

As part of annual Electrical and Electronics Engineering association (e-SURGE) activity, an induction programme for second year students was organised by the E & EE department recently, at their college premises.


Vice-president NIE MC Ramanuja N, Secretary S K Lakshminarayana and Principal NIE IT Dr T Ananthapadmanabha, inaugurated the induction programme. 


During the induction programme, around 300 students of the department were enlightened about punctuality and discipline by Vice-president NIE MC Ramanuja N.

The students were further appraised by Secretary NIE S K Lakshminarayana and Dr T Ananthapadmanabha principal, NIEIT, about importance of electricity and power generation in the development of a country as a whole quoting the developments in the electrical sectors so far and also highlighted the need for research in the department. The principal also stressed on the revolutionisation in the power sector since 1882 to till date.


As part of association activity, a technical quiz competition was held for the department students where 35 teams took part in the event and 6 teams made it to the final round.


Dr Usha Surendra, Prof and Head, E&EE, Malathi M, AP E&EE and others were present.


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