Inflow to KRS, Kabini increase; farming activities pick up

Expect light to moderate rainfall in the district for the next two or three days. The temperate climate will continue. According to researchers at the Organic Farming Research Station, Naganahalli, it might rain up to 8 mm from June 15 to 17.

The district has been experiencing a brief spell of rains and June 11 recorded 1.8 mm rainfall and it stood at 6.6 mm on June 14. The maximum temperature recorded was 30.9 Celsius on June 12 and it stood at 27.5 degrees Celsius on June 14.

The day temperature is expected to be 26-28°C and night temperature is expected to be 20-21°C. The relative humidity in the morning hours is expected to be 80-88 percent and the afternoon relative humidity is expected to be in the range 63 to 65 per cent. Wind speed expected to be 3-4 km/ hr.

As per forecast, light to moderate amount of rainfall is expected at many places during the coming three days. If sufficient rains received, dry land farmers can take up land preparation across the land slope and keep ready the land for monsoon crop sowing. Farmers are advised to apply recommended dose of fertilizer based on soil test results.

For silkworm and poultry rearing farmers are advised to maintain optimum room temperature. Care should be taken against the rapid decrease in air temperature and increase in relative humidity.

Thanks to copious rains in the Cauvery catchment areas including Kodagu, K R Nagar and H D Kote, inflow to the Harangi and Kabini reservoirs have increased. Rains have also accelerated farming activities.

According to officials managing the Krishnaraja Sagar Dam, over the last two days, inflow into reservoir has increased from about 2,000 cusecs to 3,442 cusecs. Kabini reservoir is receiving 5,981 cusecs and Harangi 1,477 cusecs.

Agricultural workers are back in the fields and labourers are in great demand. The Agriculture department has already taken a series of measures including stocking up of seeds and fertilisers to meet the demand.

WEATHER REPORT – 11-06-2016 TO 14-06-2016

Parameter 11.06.16 12.06.16 13.06.16 14.06.16
Rainfall 1.8 6.6 0 0
Max. temp (°C) 28.5 30.9 30.5 27.5
Min. Temp (°C) 21 20.2 20.6 20.2
Sky condition(Octas) 6 5 5 3
Relative humidity (%) 0830 hours 78 79 79 77
Relative humidity(%) 1730 hours 84 90 56 64
Wind Speed (kmph) 4 4 4 2
Wind Direction 270 230 270 270

FORECAST FROM 15-06-2016 TO 17-06-2016

Parameter 15.06.16 16.06.16 17.06.16
Rainfall 7 8 6
Max. temp (°C) 28 27 26
Min. Temp (°C) 20 21 21
Sky condition (Octas) 7 7 8
Relative humidity (%) 0830 hours 80 88 87
Relative humidity(%) 1730 hours 65 65 63
Wind Speed (kmph) 4 3 3
Wind Direction 270 250 240

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