Info on climate change, ways to combat it dominate Science Express

Do you want to know how dinosaurs became extinct? Want to explore on how to reduce emission through renewable energy? Want to have a look at the virtual Vittala? Then Science Express is waiting for you to take to the whole new world of science and emphasise on climate change in world.

Science Express is an innovative mobile science exhibition mounted on a 16 coach AC train custom built by the Indian railways. It has the credit of being the largest, longest running and the most visited mobile science exhibition thus creating several records in its wake.

It has so far successfully completed seven tours and this time it’s been designed around the theme of climate Change and is running on the Indian rail tracks as Science Express Climate Action from October 15, 2015 halting at 64 locations in 20 states, covering 19,800 km conveying a strong message about climate change.

The Science Express intends to contribute towards increasing the understanding of the science of climate change, the observed and anticipated impacts, and different possible responses.

The Science Express is well designed and informative. It throws light on various aspects of climate change and innovations made but the entire content is in English. At least the science instructors who are roped in must be familiar with the regional language to guide and give information to the general public.
-Vimal Jain, a visitor

As part of its tour, Science Express arrived in the city on Wednesday and will be stationed at Ashokapuram station till April 2 from 10 am to 5pm. It is open to all. Thus, the visitors can know about climate change and how it can be combated through mitigation and adaptation. Though on the first day of its arrival it elicited poor response by evening it started attracting students and the general public in large numbers.

Of the 16 coaches of Science Express exhibition, eight coaches are devoted to information, case studies and material related to various aspects of Climate Change, the underlying science, impact, adaptation activities, mitigation solutions and policy approaches in English.

Every coach is designed on theme-based information that throws light on climate as a system, the greenhouse effect and the underlying reasons for climate change with key message that the change in the climate is due to human activities. Impact of climate change – How temperature rise, variation in monsoon, rise in sea-level are predicted to affect vital sectors such as water, agriculture, forests and biodiversity, and human health and ways to reduce these are exhibited.

The Science Express is interesting and it helps students gain information on various aspects of science, innovations and climate change. It helps one develop a broader perspective on a particular subject.
6th std, Maharshi Public School

The  concepts of adaptation and examples from day to day life, adaptation strategies and stories from field, concept and definition with examples, emphasis on restoring balance and reducing emission through Renewable Energy (RE) technologies are on display. Various programmes implemented by India and low carbon strategies and ambitious goal to increase RE footprint are also depicted.

National Innovation foundation (NIF)

A special exhibition put up by the NIF showcased select innovations like wrapper picker, luggage carrier with seating, latest equipment to climb coconut trees and various other innovations demonstrating the ingenuity of common people and an innovative project which uses augmented reality techniques. 

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