Installation ceremony of Rotaract Club held at Mahajanas

The Installation ceremony of the Rotaract Club, SBRR Mahajana First Grade College, Mysuru was held recently. The induction and installation of the office bearers for the year 2016-17 was done by Rtn P K Ramakrishna, by pinning the badges.

Rtn P K Ramakrishna said that one should learn to look at life in a whole new way and gave the illustration of Ramakrishna Ashrama, where they teach to live a happy life without any ‘materialistic’ happiness. He said: “looking at life in different ways makes you change, and change will enhance the beauty of life”.  He appreciated the working of 100 plus ASIC committees in the college which gives every student an opportunity to link with society and find happiness through meaningful activities.

Speaking of the works of Rotary International, Rtn P K Ramakrishna cited examples of how it was involved in community service by eradicating ‘Polio’, helping the bright but poor children with education to eradicate illiteracy. He called upon the young rotaractors to involve in teaching the poor and needy and contribute a part of what they have that is knowledge by educating them.

Rtn K B Harish encouraged the students to come up with more projects and rendered a seed money of rupees 10,000.  He also felicitated the active Rotaractors with the certificates of appreciation. The guest of honour, Principal, Prof K V Prabhakara, SBRR Mahajana First Grade College, said “We work united  for establishing a new society”. His message was “Education is a must and it shouldn’t be neglected”.  

Rtr Mahendra J M, Editor, Rotaract Club 2015-16, Rtn Aiyanna A N, Secretary, Rotary Mysore Midtown, Rtn M N Srinivas, Youth Service director at Rotary Mysore Midtown, Rtn Elizar Milton, Chairman – Rotaract, Rotary Mysore Midtown, Rtn Raghu, Rotary Mysore Midtown, Rtn Solanki, Rotary Mysore Midtown were present.

The first poster for the year 2016-17 regarding ‘Traffic Awareness’ was released on this occasion.

Office bearers for the academic year 2016-17

President: Dhanya G, Secretary: Abhishek V K, Vice President: Vishwesh M S, Club Service Director: Kavya M P, Community Director: Mahendra J M, Vocational Director: Yashika R, International Service Director: Sahana A L, Treasurer: Ann Jesty Francis, Sergeant at Arms: Surya H P, Editor: Bharath R, Teacher Convenor: Radhika Rani.

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