Integrate STEM and innovation to meet needs: Prof B N Suresh

“Science, engineering, technology and innovation are to be suitably integrated to meet the social needs,” said Padmabushan Prof B N Suresh.

He was addressing the gathering at the 3rd International Festival of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), organised by the International STEM Alliance in association with Global Stem States and in partnership with University of Mysore at Senate Bhavan in the city on Monday.

Delivering the key note address, president of Indian National Academy of Engineering, Prof Suresh said: “Science, technology, engineering and innovation play pivotal role in a nation’s development. Innovation is very essential to convert knowledge in to value-added products to help the society. Invent and innovate must be the main motto of the youngsters. Today, science is needed to generate more technologies and science uses technologies to create more science, which in further leads to generation of more and more technologies. All contemporary and modern technologies are less than fifty to sixty years old. Today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s reality, and sometimes futuristic science ideas look ridiculous.”

“STEM along with Innovation is the major keys for national development but access to quality higher education in India is limited even after India standing 3rd in the world in the higher education system. There are more than 25 central universities, 325 universities and many prestigious colleges but still India ranks lower in the number of scientific publications. Out of the largely educated section in India are from science and technological field, still employable scientists and engineers are abysmally low. To address these issues, more efforts are needed to have quality faculty in science and technology area. More thrust needs to be given to the R&D and innovation and close interaction must be there between the academic R&D and industry,” he added.

Speaking on the science and technology vision for 21st century, Prof Suresh said: “A vision for development, integration of economic and technological developments with the societal realities is the need of hour and a societal vision for enhancing the quality of the people, a scientific vision to kindle the hidden talent, a technological vision to enable the multi dimensional technological capability, a commercial vision to attain the global dimension and becoming a viable business endeavour and a strategic vision to strengthen the strategic requirements of the nation must be the vision for this century.”

VC of Defence institute of Advanced Technology Dr Surendra Pai, Prof Nader Barsoum from University of Malaysia, VC of UoM, Prof K S Rangappa and others were present.

Exhibition: An exhibition depicting various technologies, related models were kept for display at the STEM exhibition. There were innovative models and technology related representations at the exhibition.

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