Inter-caste, inter-faith marriages should be encouraged: Progressive thinkers

A round table conference was led by progressive thinker P Mallesh against the backdrop of controversy surrounding inter-faith marriage in Mandya

With the objective of ensuring constitutional rights over strengthening human relationship breaking the barriers of caste and religion, the progressive organisations have decided to form a state-level forum to extend support to ensure social and economical security to those engaging in inter-caste and inter-faith marriages, during the round table conference held at Ideal Jawa Rotary School, on Sunday.

The round table conference was organised in the wake of the recent controversy that erupted in Mandya over the Hindu-Muslim inter faith marriage.
At the conference held, likeminded leaders decided to urge the state government to form a separate commission to ensure justice in case of inter-caste and inter-religion marriages as per the directive of the Supreme Court akin to Tamil Nadu.
The participants in the conference noted that there have been dangerous developments in the society wherein a few vested interests have been trying to determine what common people had to eat, wear and whom to marry which amounted to undermining of the fundamental rights as enshrined in the Indian Constitution. Thus the progressive oprganisations have to come together and fights such developments that curtailed personal human freedom, expression and choice.
Citing the controversy of the inter-faith marriage, the progressive thinkers stated that it was but the handiwork of right-wing groups to garner support from the Vokkaliga community in the assembly polls to be held in 2018.
Also speaking on the occasion, progressive thinker P Mallesh said  that there was need to ensure equality among the gender and no scope should be provided to create communal tension in the society.
PUCL President Dr V Lakshminarayana, CPI(M) leaders L Jagannath Jayaram, K Basavaraju, E Rathirao of Samatha Vedike, Samudaya Forum State President K S Vimala, District conveners Vajramuni, Neela, progressive thinkers K Muddukrishna, Ugranarasimhegowda, writer K S Bhagavan, Bharath Raj, E Dhanajaya of Baduku Trust, Janavadi Organisation members Neela, Lakshmi, K R Gopalakrishna took part in the conference headed by P Mallesh.

 “Parents should encourage inter caste and inter religious marriage. The government, moreover, should provide privileges to those who are engaged in inter-caste and inter-faith marriages.” -Prof K S Bhagavan

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