Inter-caste marriage: Couple dares all

Mysuru, June 20:- It looks like the whole issue is likely to snowball into a major controversy. The issue assumes significance as it involves a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl.  Sameera of Jayapur and Hemanth of Janata Nagar, who were in love for some time, decided to get married. The ritual took place at a temple in the city amid tension a couple of days back.

Though there is no law that stops a boy and a girl from getting married, there is a legal problem. Sameera is already 18 but the boy is still three months shy of turning 21. He is still a minor, according to law. It is too early to say what is in store for the newly wed.

Sameera and Hemanth went to the rural police station to keep the cops informed of their marriage. Sameera informed Inspector Jagadish that if anything untoward happens to either of them, their family members would be squarely responsible for the problem.



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