International Men’s Day: Protest to urge justice for men

Mysuru, November 18:- Crisp organisation is staging a protest to  condemn violence on men and urge for equal rights for men on the occasion of International Men’s Day at Bengaluru town hall tomorrow.

“Theevent will also honour men who have worked for the development of the society. More than 250 men from various organisations will take part in the protest. Many countries are observing International Day of Men and are raising voice against violence on men,” said Santosh Kumar Pothadar at a press meet Saturday.

“In order to prevent violence on women, men are being tortured. Men are always blamed for all the family-related problems. Men too should be given paternal leave when he becomes father as it helps building a bond with the child. Father should be given equal rights on children during divorce. The anti men law should be amended,” he added.

Manjula Umesh, Geetha were present. (MR/KMR).

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