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Invest in different kind of bags, be stylish

A bag is the best accessory to notch up the style factor of any ensemble. So, instead of stocking up on basic bags in your wardrobe, invest in different styles that you can work with a variety of outfits and flaunt at multiple occasions, says an expert.

Here we have suggested the bags you could add to your wardrobe:

* Tote: The tote bag is an ideal choice and makes for a great everyday handbag where you can dump all your files, wallet, umbrella and cosmetic kit.

Whether you’re dressed semi-formally or in a casual avatar, tote bags are perfect for the beach, for a function and also for your office. There are several variations of this bag that suit all your needs.

* Clutch: This is definitely not a perfect bag for your daily use, unless you’re just carrying your cash and cards in it.

The clutch helps to accentuate your look, but you need to do so carefully by selecting the right clutch to enhance your overall appearance. A glamorous clutch is essential when it comes to tasteful evening dressing. Clutches come in funky designs and with different embellishments.

* Luggage: Luggage tote handbags add a tinge of sophistication to your look. Buy a good leather handbag as it is durable and multi-functional.

Be it for casual or formal outfits, luggage totes spruce up your entire get-up. The aim of incorporating a luggage bag to your look is that it yields power to the ensemble in the most divine manner.

* The bucket bag: Bucket bags are not bulky but still make enough space to fit all your essentials. Team it with a pair of shorts or a smart dress and carry off your bucket bag with élan.

Whether you’re heading for a brunch or to the supermarket, bucket bags add the right amount of pop to your outfit.

* Slings: They are compact in size and easy to carry. Sling bags are quite a rage amongst both men and women, as they add that required dose of glam to your ensembles.

Whether you want to keep it easy-going or classy, a sling bag is always a good idea. These fuss-free and convenient-styled bags are worth investing in.

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