Iran blocks Telegram, Instagram amid protests

Prime News, International, (Tehran), January 1:-Iran has blocked two popular social media apps – Telegram and Instagram – as a security measure, as protests against the government continued for the fourth consecutive day.

Al-Jazeera has quoted unconfirmed sources that social media in the country would be temporarily banned unless the protesters did not withdraw their demonstrations. It also said the Iranian government would crack down on those who were spreading negative propaganda against the country.

An official, without being named, on Sunday said: “With a decision by the Supreme National Security Council, activities of Telegram and Instagram are temporarily limited.”

Users in Iran said they were unable to access the popular applications via cellphone networks, though users could access them via Wi-Fi and home internet connections.

Pavel Durov, the chief executive officer of Telegram, said on Twitter that Iran was “blocking access for the majority of Iranians” after protesters had been using the popular messaging applications in a bid to publicise the demonstrations on social media.

Unconfirmed videos and photos posted on the social media showed the police in Tehran, Mashhad, Khoramdareh and other places trying to disperse the protesters from the sites of protests.

Protesters in different cities of Iran have been raising anti-government slogans, over alleged corruption and rising prices that have been plaguing the people of the country. Scores of protesters have been arrested. Also, three protesters were reportedly shot dead by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in central Iran on Sunday.

-(NAV, Inputs: Agencies)

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