Iran criticises US for blocking sale of aircraft

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has criticised the US House of Representatives for blocking the sale of Boeing passenger aircraft to Tehran, the media reported.

Washington should be committed to its obligations under the nuclear agreement which endorses the removal of sanctions, including allowing the sale of passenger aircraft to Iran, Xinhua news agency quoted Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi as saying.

“What is important to Iran is the other side’s commitment to its obligations,” Qasemi said, adding that Tehran “regards the US government responsible for Washington’s fulfilment of its nuclear commitments”.

The US government should remove all the obstacles on the way of implementing the nuclear deal known as JCOPA, he added.

It was announced in Tehran on June 19 that Iran had reached an agreement with Boeing to purchase 100 passenger planes, valued about $17 billion, to upgrade the country’s aging fleet.

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