Irregularities in conduct of KSET haunt UoM

Mysuru, July 6:- More often than not, our famous University of Mysore (UoM) is always in the news. After a brief lull, UoM is making news again for a different reason. The alleged issue is that there were irregularities while conducting Karnataka State Eligibility Test (KSET) since three years. Backward Classes and Minorities Welfare Committee, which visited UoM on Wednesday, has gone on record that there seems to be some irregularities and that it is planning to recommend a thorough probe into the issue.

The committee members, after an interaction with UoM Vice Chancellor Prof Dayanand Mane and Registrar Bharathi, revealed that a particular community, it seems, was favoured during KSET examinations. Sensing something fishy in the whole state of affairs, the committee has asked the UoM authorities to send a detailed report of examinations conducted in the last three years. When the KSET issue came up, Prof Mane said that the university was planning to ask Corps of Detectives (CoD) to probe the irregularities.

Chairman of legislature committee of BCMW, J R Lobo said, “There are a lot of irregularities at the UoM. Apart from violation in recruiting teaching and non-teaching staff, there appears to be a lot of confusion regarding conduct of KSET examinations in the last three years. We suspect a particular community was favoured in the whole process. After a thorough study of the report, we will decide on the future course of action.”

In the inaugural KSET during 2014-15, 81,778 students appeared for the exams but 4210 passed out with overall pass percentage of 5.14%. In 2015-16, among 65,849 candidates, just 3355 passed out (5.09%) and in 2016-17, among 56,195 candidates who appeared for the test, 4038 students passed (7.13%).

Narendra Swamy, who is also in the committee, said, “There are lot of irregularities now which was not the case earlier. Eligible candidates should not lose out on what they deserve.” He pleaded with the UoM authorities to work unison and take the university to greater heights.

On her part, the Registrar said, “A detailed report will be submitted to the committee in the next 15 days. We will go through the list of allegations and if there is any violation, we will not hesitate to take action.”


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