Irwin Road widening: MCC officials take stock of situation


The Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) is in full swing to give Irwin Road – one of the busiest roads in Mysuru city – a new look as it has buckled up to undertake the widening of the road between Ayurveda and Nehru Circle at the earliest.

The widening of the road has seen a considerable delay owing to various reasons and if everything goes according to the plans of the MCC, the demolition works would be taken up within two months to pave the way for a four-lane road.

MCC Commissioner G Jagadeesha and Mayor M J Ravikumar on Friday inspected the busy stretch and were seen convincing the property owners to cooperate with the corporation.

At present, the road between Ayurveda and Nehru Circle varies from six to nine mtrs in width and the road will be widened nine mtrs from the center on both the sides to make it an 18-mtr road. The new road will sport four lanes along with two feet median and 1.2 mtrs footpaths on both the sides. The median will have heritage street light poles as well.

The entire stretch of road – from the Railway Station Circle to the Arch Gate on Bengaluru-Nilgiri Road – has been identified for widening under the funds set aside from the Chief Minister’s Special Grant. While the work on the stretch between Railway Station and Ayurveda Circle and, Nehru Circle and Arch Gate is completed, the widening of road between Nehru Circle and Ayurveda Circle was pending as it involved land acquisition. The widening work between Nehru Circle and Ayurveda Circle including the direct purchasing of properties would be taken up at a cost of Rs 50 crore.

“As per the earlier proposal, we had to acquire the land, and this was getting delayed due to long procedures. As there is a provision in the rule that properties can be directly purchased for the early implementation of the project, we have decided to take the property owners’ consent for the new proposal,” Jagadeesha said.

For the scheme to be implemented, he added, the MCC need the consent of at least 75 percent of the property owners. So far, 57 property owners of total 85 had given their consent. The MCC need consent from seven more property owners. “Once we get the consent of 75 percent property owners, the PWD department will take up the building evaluation process. An amount of Rs 13,177 per sqft (double the guidance value which is 6,400 plus 12 percent additional value) will be offered,” he said. “Properties with documentation will only be compensated while encroached properties would be acquired free of cost,” he added.

Jagadeesha said that the MCC had Rs 18 crore with it as against the total cost for the process Rs 50 crore. He said he would write to the Chief Minister for the additional grants.

Ravikumar said that the demolition of a portion of a mosque and a temple would be taken up first as both the religious institutions have agreed to cooperate with MCC.

Earlier, civil society groups such as Mysore Grahakara Parishat had opposed the widening, arguing that the heritage value of the road will be lost once it is broadened.

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