Is fear a by-product of lack of confidence?

We are all born with a set of desires and it starts to burn at some point in time of our existence. A lot of us have dreams to achieve and most of the times we fail to express what we want despite knowing the fact of happiness it brings. Is it because of fear that someone else would disapprove those thoughts or is it just because of the lack of confidence?

Fear, most of the times is a by-product of lack of confidence. For instance, we would not be loving our jobs, but we would stick to it with the fear of not finding another one so easily due to a lot of factors. We would not want to abide by the certain principles laid by the society but we end up accepting it because of fear and lack of confidence. Our brain, most of the times help us to get through every situation we come across, provided; we don’t sow the seed of fear into it by creating a situation that merely exist.

Ninety nine percent of the population would refuse to do a lot of things if given a choice but the element of fear is so extensive in each one of us that we land up into things we are completely against creating a state of cognitive dissonance. Sometimes, I wonder looking at a lot of people who are the role models and leaders, Are they so fearless that they got everything they wanted in their lives or were they so courageous enough to train themselves and face lives and became what they are today?

Fear of losing, fear of failures, is all we create with great effort. Fear is something that does not exist, it is the loss of courage that make us feel weak. The loss of our convincing abilities and giving-up on ourselves and our ability is what brings in fear into our heart, mind and the soul.

Fear comes to those who aren’t prepared to face a situation of their lives, staying confident is the only Mantra to turn your dreams into reality!

By Sreehari Sukumaran

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