Is the system stifling the officers and administrators?

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. This holds true when it comes to Karnataka’s situation.

About a month ago, former Deputy SP Anupama Shenoy had to resign from her post due to a minister not allowing her to discharge her duties. She was harassed by both politicians and the police. Anupama Shenoy, Deputy SP from Ballari, was shunted out by Minister Parameshwar Naik for merely putting his call on hold and she also had to tender her resignation.

Shivendra Urs
Shivendra Urs

Just when one assumed it would end there, news of Mysore District Commissioner Shikha being intimidated by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s close aide Marigowda made headlines. Close on the heels of the intimidation case of Shikha, another Deputy SP Kalappa Handibag of Chikkamagalur who was accused of masterminding a kidnap and extortion bid who was suspended, committed suicide. Now, barely a few days after Kalappa Handibag’s suicide, Deputy SP M.K Ganapathi has met a tragic end.


Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s close aide Marigowda using his political clout tried to intimidate Mysore District Commissioner Shikha, an upright and honest IAS officer is sheer mockery of the system. One of the factors which led to her intimidation is that a liquor license of a resort, owned by Marigowda’s kin being cancelled by her.

Minister for Bangalore development and town planning K J George seems to be courting controversy time and again. His name cropped up during the death of IAS officer D K Ravi and yet again George is taking centre stage in the suicide of M K Ganapathi.

MK Ganapathi had confided with the media and made an accusation saying two of his seniors and K J George were hounding him. Ganapathi’s brother who also belongs to the police department has termed his accusation to be imaginary and is stressing on how Ganapathi was in an acute state of depression.  Only time will tell if the police department and the state government have joined hands in order to hush up Ganapathi’s suicide.

Is the system stifling state officers


The state government is proving to be inefficient when it comes to protecting officers and administrators. A laid back approach followed by a hush-up is a norm when the government is faced with such controversial issues.

Abuse of power seems to be the order of the day in the Karnataka state government.
Karnataka is turning into a jungle raaj, it seems to be going the Bihar way when it comes to handling such matters in a nonchalant manner. This sort of approach by the government sticks out like a sore thumb.
Are we failing the officers and administrators of the state is the question. IAS, KAS and IPS officers undergo gruelling training and preparation to crack the civil services and are known to be mentally strong. However, the very same people are cracking under pressure and are badgered to such an extent that they are resigning from office or committing suicides succumbing to pressure from the system. It’s a very sorry state of affairs in the state of Karnataka as the protectors need to feel protected. Officers and administrators are being stifled; they are not allowed to discharge their duties.


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