Israel farming tech not required for Karnataka: Badagalapura Nagendra

Mysuru, July 3:- “The decision of the state government to introduce Israel farming technology in Karnataka is not right. If the Israel model of agriculture is introduced in Karnataka, it would adversely affect our agriculture,” said general secretary of Karnataka State Hasiru Sene Badagalapura Nagendra.

He was addressing a press meet at Jaladarshini Guest House in the city on Tuesday.

“Our farmers have already been cheated by scientists and multinational companies. We will not let our farmers down this time. Melukote MLA Puttaraju is not letting the development works introduced by the then MLA K S Puttannaiah. He has been an MLA, MP and now a minister. He should not behave like this. If he continues his behaviour, we would stage an intense protest against him,” he added.

Members of Hasiru Sene were present at the press meet. (MR/KS).

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