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ISRO to carry out final orbital manoeuver for Chandrayaan 2

Prime News, National, Space Technology, Bengaluru, August 30:- India’s second moon craft Chandrayaan 2 will undergo its fourth lunar orbit manoeuvring this evening (August 30).

It will be aimed at reducing the farthest distance of the lunar craft from the surface of the moon. The mission would be carried out by the scientists and engineers of the national space agency ISRO today evening. It will be the fourth round of orbit reduction manoeuvre and the last one would be held on Sunday evening.

On August 20, the day of the lunar ion of Chandrayaan 2, its farthest distance from the moon has been more than 18,000 kilometres. It has been gradually reduced to 1,412 kilometres till the previous orbit reduction mission that was held last Wednesday. With today’s mission followed by the final one on coming Sunday, Chandrayaan 2 is expected to reach the moon’s polar synchronous orbit at an average height of a hundred kilometres.

ISRO scientists say the path would be the most suited to separate the lander called Vikram from the orbiter of Chandrayaan 2 on September 2, which is aimed at safely soft-landing near the lunar South Pole on September 7.

India’s ambitious second expedition to the moon carries the dreams of 1.3 billion hearts as the lunar craft carrying a rover aims for the moon. (Inputs: Agencies, NGB)

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