‘It’s A Cut Up’ exhibition showcases unique talents in collage

Photomontage, collage and assemblage are set to take centre stage at the new It’s A Cut Up exhibition, which will kicked off today at The Ravivarma Art Institute in Chamarajapuram.


From a distance, they look like ordinary paintings that are usually found in hotels and art, depicting day-to-day life. However, a closer look reveals their uniqueness – with a fine combination of cut-and-paste work.

These are not oil or acrylic paintings, but are, rather, collage works – where tiny bits of paper cut out from magazines are pasted close to each other to form images. This is said to be one art that needs patience as the artist need to take out paper cuttings, writings and colours that perfectly suit his imagination and place them accordingly.


 The art works here explore the connection between gadgets, food habits and the human life. A Big aeroplane model made using paper cuttings is the centre of attraction. The display, at Ravivarma Art Institute, will be open till Saturday between 10 am to 5 pm.

Inaugurating the event, Director of National School of Drama C Basavalingaiah said that artists, includint a drama artists, dancers or painters, can give life to an inanimate object through their talent. While drama plays with characters, paintings play with colour and imagination. A perfect combination of canvas, collage and installation art add essence to an artist’s work. Artists explore new worlds and try to reach the audience. They expand their skills for the welfare of the general public, he opined.


Assistant Editor Vijayavani S Suryaprakash Pandith, Prof. Shivakumara Kesaramadu, Rajashekara Kadamba were present.

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