‘It’s Achche Din only for industrial barons’


 Senior journalist Rajashekar Koti, at a press conference, highlighted the hypocrisy of the union government led by Narendra Modi


The central government’s ‘achche din’ is only for industrial barons such as Adani, Ambani and the others while the poor who elect leaders to form the government are relegated to the background, rued senior journalist Rajashekar Koti.


He was speaking at an awareness conference on ‘An impact of mortifying policies introduced by the fascist central government’ organised by Dalit Sangarsha Samiti, as part of 125th birth anniversary of the architect of the Indian Constitution Dr B R Ambedkar at RMC market on Monday.


After inaugurating the conference, he said: “Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government in the centre has failed to implement policies to empower the downtrodden and fulfill the assurances mentioned in election manifesto. The promise that good days would beckon after it came to power has not been realised. However, the union government has been only facilitating capitalists that has turned Gujarat into a strong business hub with tycoons such as Adani and Ambani. Yes, it is good days for the industrial barons and not for the commoners, he noted.


The poor are unable to understand the ground reality and the workings of the union government. They are unable to protest the pro-rich policies of the union government. The manner in which the centre has handled the Vijay Mallya case is a testimony to the centre’s skewed policies and sense of justice, he noted. 


Though the price of crude oil has decreased at the international market the price for fuel has been markedly increasing with every passing day here in India. Instead of regulating the oil companies, the government is supporting the oil barons, he stressed.


While neglecting the welfare of the Dalits, backward class and minority, the prime minister is celebrating Ambedkar’s birth anniversary merely to fool the people, the journalist said.


Efforts are on to divide the people, as once the poor and disempowered unite they would be formidable force to fight, Koti noted.


Dalit Sangarsha Samiti District Convener Bettaiah Kote, DSS Organising Convener Shambulingaswamy and others were present.


 “Ambedkar’s dream of a just and egalitarian society can become a reality only when the fascist forces are kept at the bay. A democracy can function well only when the people are aware and take active participation in the democratic process,” said Prof K C Basavaraju, University of Mysore.


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