It’s ‘Yureka’ season in Mysuru!

This annual science fest of Yuvaraja’s College was the brainchild of students of its 2013 batch to promote science in a fun way

The campus of Yuvaraja’s College which is abuzz with the vibrant science students of Mysuru is all set to bring ‘Yureka’ to the heritage city from tomorrow. ‘Yureka’ is the annual science fest of Yuvaraja’s College and the brainchild of students of 2013 batch and this idea of a science fest was brought up to promote science in a way that brings fun. Since science is mostly overlooked nowadays, Yureka is a platform where knowledge meets entertaining ways of applying it. This was the first science fest organised exclusively for the pure basic science students of the district.

The event has been a successful one since three years, encouraging sceintific innovations every year. Organised for the students of the Mysuru district, Yureka aims to reach the students from all over Karnataka this year.

Science and entertainment are going to blend and bloom during the two-day fest to be held on March 5 and 6 at Yuvaraja’s College campus. Events based on themes involving all streams of science, literary events, fun events and science exhibition have been planned.

Team Yureka

This year, the students of Yuvaraja’s College supported by Principal Prof H Nanjegowda, Convenor Dr H N Kanthalakshmi, Prof Ruby Salestina, Prof S Latha and the students have put in their heart and soul in organising the event and have been seen spending most of their free time preparing for the grand fest.

The Yureka-2016 will be inaugurated by Vice-Chancellor of University of Mysore Prof K S Rangappa and IISC Professor and Scientist Prof K J Rao will be the guest of Honour. As a part of Yureka, a variety of events are being organised, themed on science, arts and their mixture. Apart from this, a grand scientific exhibition has been in the offing, with creative exhibits of bio-fuel manufacturing, forestry science, mathematics, food technology and Ayurvedic plants, run by institutions like CFTRI, RIE and Aranya Bhavan. Apart from this, the museums of the college are being prepared to showcase some wonderfully informative specimens from various fields, such as zoology, botany and geology.

The fest would conclude with a colourful cultural and musical evening presented by the ‘Naavu’ and ‘Kalarava team’. The state-level science fest Yureka- 2016 provides a unique platform where one can express and explore several avenues and prospects.

Events @ Yureka- 2k16 (BOX)

Pratikroza – The auction event for all those interested to be the richest of all.

Litero Mania – A literary event to indulge in a roller coaster of letters.

Samasya- Comprises of (1010)2 questions to test the fundamentals in math.

Codigo Ejecutar – Talk to the computers in this C-Programming based event. Code and decode your way to victory!

Inertial Intellect- Let inertia rule your body. Let your brain run near light speed. Sit tight in an armchair and theorize all you need.

Theory of everything (Science quiz) – Nobody knows everything, but everyone knows something. Come check out what you know at what we call ‘the theory of everything’.

Yuvaraja’s Treasure Hunt – For all those interested to win a piece of Yuvaraja’s treasure.

Prism of Chemistry- A palette of chemicals waiting to paint a T-shirt canvas.

Kiladi Jodi- Bring along a partner with brain and your thoughts being the same. Complete the thrilling task with your knowledge, expression of art and became the binary stars of Yureka.

Strain your Brain- You are told who you are, hang around, stress your body, but it’s a strain to your brain not to forget who you really are.

Apertura – Apertura is an on-the-spot photography competition where you will be free to capture anything you like, show us how it’s unique and you can win exciting prizes!

Scientific Rangoli- Let our tradition be compiled with science as an art. Bring up your scientific ideas in colours.

Kannada Jam- Having the hold on Kannada language is a tremendous art. ‘Talk Kannada, View Kannada and Breathe Kannada’ is the sole purpose. Here is a platform to showcase the knowledge that is embedded in the form of perfect Kannada language at Kannada Jam.

Science Poster Making- Bring your posters to life with science in mind

Gaming Events- Computer Gaming- Need for Speed MWCounter Strike


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