JD(S)-BJP keep Cong out of ZP power

Nayeema Sultan of the Janata Dal (Secular) became the Zil­la Panchayat president in the elections that were held on Sat­urday. Her close competitor for the President’s post, Parimala Shyam withdrew from the race. G Nataraj has been elected as the Vice President.

With the election, the JD(S) and the BJP have successfully managed to wrest power from the Congress in Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s hometown.

Nayeema Sultan and G Na­taraj received 27 votes in the 49-member assembly. The Con­gress, with 22 seats was falling short of three members to reach the magic figure of 25. The JD(S) that had 18 members and the BJP that had 8 members came together with an independent candidate to bag power. The BJP and JD(S) combine itself had 26 members and with the support of the independent can­didate, the combine managed to secure 27 votes.

All the 49 Zilla Panchayat members were present at the Abdul Nazeer Saab Hall for the elections. Jayamma Shivas­wamy of the Congress received 22 votes.

The entire process from fil­ing the nomination papers at 9:30 am, scrutiny of papers till 11 am and the voting at 1 pm was conducted under the su­pervision of Regional Commis­sioner A M Kunjappa who is also the Returning Officer, and Zilla Panchayat CEO P A Gopal.


In all, five candidates filed nom­inations for the ZP President and Vice President’s posts. From the JD(S) that has an al­liance with BJP, B C Parimala Shyam who has been elected from Antharasanthe in Hegga­dadevanakote filed her nomina­tion papers for President. Along with her, Nayeema Sultan who has been elected from Annur in Heggadadevanakote village also threw her hat in the ring.

From the Congress party, Jayamma Shivaswamy who has been elected from Gargeshwari ZP seat in T Narasipur filed her nominations for the President’s post. The post of ZP President has been reserved for OBC-A woman and the post of Vice President has been set aside for a candidate from the general category.

The BJP, that has no OBC-A woman as per the reservation list, had to be satisfied with the Vice President’s post. G Nataraj who has been elected from Mugooru seat filed his nomina­tions. From Congress, S Krish­na from Hampapura has filed papers.


The election is a prestigious one for Congress as it is Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s home town. With the prior-election understanding, the JD(S) and the BJP suc­cessfully managed to keep Congress out of power. Though the Congress Party, through its District President Dr B J Vijaykumar, issued whips to all members to cast vote in favour of the Con­gress candidate, its strategy failed miserably with JD(S) and BJP joining hands.

Before the filing of nom­inations, those elected from BJP met at Rajendra Ka­lamandir on the Ramanuja Road to discuss their strat­egy, Congress candidates met at Jalapuri quarters and JD(S) candidates met at Ho­tel Guru Residency on the Vinobha Road.


Trouble broke out for JD(S) soon after Parimala Shyam and Nayeema Sultan filed their nominations. Parima­la was upset with her party leaders for permitting Nay­eema Sultan to file the nom­inations though she was assured on Friday evening that she (Parimala) would be the presidential candidate.

While Parimala is Hegga­dadevanakote MLA S Chik­kamadu’s candidate, Nayee­ma Sultan is K R Nagar MLA Sa Ra Mahesh’s candidate.

As Parimala openly ex­pressed her dissatisfaction, party leaders including Sa Ra Mahesh, MLA G T De­vegowda went into a huddle and worked out a compro­mise formula where it was first decided that Parimala Shyam will first be the ZP President for two years and Nayeema Sultan for three years. This compromise for­mula was conveyed to the media by Sa Ra Mahesh.

Later, Parimala withdrew her nominations paving way for Nayeema to become the ZP President. According to party sources, Nayeema will hold power for the first two years and Parimala Shyam will be the ZP President for three years. The total term is five years.

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