Jet Airways propose pay cut to its junior pilots

Prime News, Nation, New Delhi, July 21:- Jet Airways has proposed considerable pay reduction to its junior pilots instructing to accept or move out in a bid to recover from the turmoil.

Jet Airways sources said that struggling with stiff competition in the airline industry the management has decided to downsize the manpower and considering pay reduction initially to its junior pilots.

Jet Airways has instructed to its junior pilots either to accept the pay cut or move out.  Jet Airways has been struggling to maintain its position as one of the leading airlines in India’s domestic sector vowing to tough competition from rival airlines such as Indigo and SpiceJet.

Jet Airlines in a statement released remarks that due to certain developments in the airline market including that of the Gulf sector as well as our continued efforts to enhance internal efficiency have resulted in the review of man power and the airline network fleet crew utilisation.

Jet Airways sources claimed that the airline planned to reduce manpower and asked junior pilots to avail 10 days of leave each month to reduce expenses. 10 days leave will result in 30 percent of pay loss to junior pilots.

-(NAV, inputs: Agencies)

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