JNU revisited

The only difference between what happened in JNU and the event arranged by Amnesty International in Bengaluru is while in the former case, despite the authorities denying permission to hold a meeting when they realised that anti-India posters were displayed,  the meeting was held while in the present case due permission was given for the meeting. However, what followed during the meeting in Bangalore was though the intention of the Amnesty as a part of the campaign to seek justice to victims of human rights violations in J&K it deteriorated to slogan shouting on Azadi  though it was not as virulent as happened in JNU where slogans for  dismemberment of India and other  followed.  In both cases sedition charges have been invoked. With filing of FIR the case is now in the court. The tragedy is that in the name of freedom of expression guaranteed by the constitution so called free thinkers, intellectuals  and NGOs have lost their sense of perspective without realising that these are not normal times and blind to the fact how their action has a ripple effect in encouraging separatists and anti-India forces   playing havoc misleading the youths of J&K to become battle ground where out security personnel and innocent civilians are paying heavy price. The saving grace in the present case is that till now Rahul Gandhi and Yechury have not landed in Bangalore to show solidarity with Amnesty, Bangalore to follow their narrow political agenda. Will sanity prevail is the question?

H R Bapu Satyanarayana, Mysuru

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