Join hands with PM against black money: Chakravarthy

“It is high-time for public to extend their support for demonetisation of old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to curb black money in the country,” said orator and social thinker Chakravarthy Sulibele.

He was addressing the gathering at a public speech on ‘Black and white’ organised by Yuva Brigade and Namma Mysuru organisation in the city on Monday. He said: “Modi on November 8 took a radical move by banning the Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes reaching positive consequences for India as a country and put a break on black money and fake note transactions in the country. Demonetisation will not only hit terrorism and unrest, but also put an end to fake currency in circulation. The opposition party had planned to make use of the black money during the elections of Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Goa; however this step has affected their plan.”

“According to RBI, a total of 14 lakh crores Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes were printed and said to be in circulation in the country but a report stated that most of these were not reaching the general public. In future more initiatives are said to take place after December 30, which will not only keep an eye on black money holders, but also find out who are involved in land grabbing, property misnomer and those involved in illegal money lending,” he added.

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