Journalists are supposed to be watchdogs and not lapdogs: Krishna Prasad

“We the journalists are supposed to be watchdogs, but not lapdogs. The only way to become a journalist is to think like a journalist and the only way to become writer is, start writing the articles. The future of Indian journalism is in absolute uncertainties, which is a disadvantage for all the journalists,” said Krishna Prasad, senior journalist, at Cauvery Auditorium, Karnataka State Open University, here, on Wednesday.

After inaugurating the workshop for journalism students, organised by Karnataka Media Academy, he said “The CEO of World Association of Newspapers recently had said that the news industry is no longer in control of its future. In fact, there are many differences between news industry and media. As the news industry is diminishing in these days, I rather feel it is the best of times for Indian journalism.”

“Nowadays, we are facing utmost threat and disrepute in the society. The prime minister does not think for a second while calling us ‘news traders.’ Minister for External Affairs Gen V K Singh does not think for a second while calling us the ‘Prestitutes,’ and the US President calls us rhetorically as ‘Most dishonest humans on the earth.’

“The worst times is when we have been called by names, accused and pointed fingers at. Ironically one should think that news is not SIM card that either like pre-paid or post-paid.”

“Indian press is 200 years old. It is shaped by freedom movements, social struggle and pursuit of social freedom. When India got freedom, there were about 2.4 million newspapers in circulation. Only 5.4 newspaper copies were circulated among every 1,000 people, but the situation has changed drastically now, there are 40 million newspapers in circulation everyday in India. Of every four newspapers, three of the top 100 newspapers are from China and India.”

“Journalism students must opt for a career in writing by having blogs and registering URL in their names. Youngsters must start writing on small issues around them,” he added.

Senior journalists Shivakumar, Ravindra Bhat, Badaruddin, president of Karnataka Madhyama Academy Siddaraju, secretary Shankar Patil and over 500 journalism students from various institutions in Mysuru, Mandya and Hassan were present.


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