JSS hospital doctors cures lady from complicated ovarian cancer

On the National Doctors’ Day, we bring you a story where doctors from the city have played a significant role in giving life to a lady suffering from ovarian cancer. Probably for the first time in the city, a lady detected with ovarian cancer was successfully treated by doctors of JSS Hospital with modern Cytoreductive surgery-Hyperthermic Intra-Peritoneal Chemotherapy (CRS+HIPEC).

Gynaecologic Oncologist of JSS Hospital Dr Roopesh N and team have successfully cured the women with combined treatment of CRS and HIPEC to effectively improve long-term survival.

The 44-year-old lady was diagnosed with ovarian tumour in December 2015 and had developed life threatening complications. She was admitted in a critical condition to the JSS Hospital. She was stabilised by the cardiology team and was treated by Dr Roopesh. She received 4 cycles of Neoadjuvant chemotherapy that shrunk the size of the tumour and later CRS+HIPEC was planned.

The anaesthesia team headed by Dr Nalini performed the requisite procedures by epidural catheter insertion, arterial cannulationm central venous access and administration of general anaesthesia. Later Dr Roopesh operated upon her and all macroscopic disease elements was removed along with the ovarian tumour on uterus, omentum, pelvic and para-aortic lymph nodes. A portion of the large bowel was also removed and re-joined after HIPEC.

Speaking to reporters, Dr Roopesh said: “HIPEC involves heating up of chemotherapy drug to 42 degrees and circulating it within abdominal cavity. This was carried out with the help of a modern exclusive machine brought from Bengaluru. The surgery lasted 15 hours and it helped the lady get her life back. This milestone in Mysuru was achieved with the help of the dedicated team of JSS Hospital doctors and staff,” he said.

“Though there has been a huge incidence of ovarian cancer in Mysuru, there is lack of awareness and most patients are seen at very late stages by cancer care specialists. This surgery shows how a deadly cancer could be cured using advanced procedures if the patient tolerates and lends support to the entire procedure,” said Dr Roopesh.

Director of JSS hospital Dr M D Ravi, Dr Basavaraj, Medical superintendent Dr Guruswamy, Dr Nalini, Dr Anil and Nagaraj Desai and others were present.

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