JSS Law College conducts workshop on civil liberties

Speaking at the event, MLA M K Somashekhar stressed on developing a humanitarian society

 Every individual must know his rights, obey rules, honour the rights and law for the progress of society and country, said MLA M K Somashekhar.

Delivering the inaugural address at the one-day workshop on ‘Civil Liberty’ organised by JSS Law College in association with Mysuru City Police on Thursday, M K Somashekhar said: “Civil liberties are individual and personal guarantees and freedoms aimed to knock over social inequalities and practices. It is the responsibility of every individual to know his right that guarantees him the access to public institutions and protection, irrespective of their background. It also provides them with equal opportunities and right to express. Even a single mistake can cause bigger sufferings, so we need to know how to react under a circumstance or a situation and to take utmost care.”

“We must have a humanitarian approach in the present world, we need to be humane, do our best to the people who are in need. When we understand the need of humanity, the society will become a better place to live in,” he added.

Delivering the presidential address, Principal of JSS Law College Prof K S Suresh said: “Today, we can observe that police are violating the civil liberties. There is no good rapport between police and citizens in India. If we compare world’s best police forces, the list starts with Canada, Scotland and New Zealand, which have the best police officers and investigation teams. The workshop is aimed to provide information by representatives of executive, legislative and judiciary divisions on civil liberties that can provide a better understanding.”

During the workshop, lectures on various topics such as ‘Police and we’ by ACP, Devaraja Division Girijesh, ‘Traffic Management’ by Police Inspector Ashoka, ‘Finger Print analysis in Crime investigation’ by ACP Rajshekar and PSI Appaji Gowda, ‘City Crime Branch and Anti Rowdy Squad’ by ACP Gopal and ‘Anti Sabotage Check Unit and Police Dog Squad’ by ACP Malikarjunappa were organised.


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