JSS seminar on Advances in Biological Science

To accelerate progress in the life sciences researchers from different sub-disciplines need to interact and collaborate more often, said Chief Executive of JSS College Prof B V Sambashivaiah.

Delivering presidential address at one-day state-level seminar on ‘Recent Advances in Biological Sciences’ organised by JSS College of Arts, Commerce and Science on Wednesday, Prof Sambashivaiah said: “During the advancement of biological sciences during the 20th century, separate fields evolved to tackle the complex weave of systems that together comprise the living system. Genetics, cell biology, microbiology, biochemistry and molecular biology – each group deals with various aspects. The sheer volume of knowledge generated by each of these sub- disciplines makes it decreasingly difficult for the researchers who study organisms to keep up with the progress being made by those studying cells and molecules.”

“Most researches focus on a single system in great detail. Off late, the connections among the fields of life sciences have become easier to study.  Despite the development of common tools, questions, methodologies, scientists within sub disciplines still do not have the optimum level of interaction. They must be provided with an opportunity to gain different skills and perspectives to accelerate the development of conceptual and technological approaches to understand the connection between different types of biological systems. Their study should not become narrow,” he added.

In his inaugural address, Prof S R Ramesh from the Department of Studies in Zoology, University of Mysore called up on students to adapt simplicity, focus their minds on a broader perspective and have a holistic approach on a particular subject – to have a better understanding of the concerned topic.

 During the seminar, technical sessions on topics such as ‘RNA-‘ The Incredible molecule’ by Dr S R Ramesh, ‘Genetic Code’ by Dr M N Anil Kumar and ‘Concept of Climate Change’ by Dr A G Deviprasad were held.

Principal of JSS College Prof M Mahadevappa, Secretary golden jubilee celebration committee Prof D S Sadashivamurthy, HOD, Zoology department Navyashree and others were present.

Prof S R Ramesh, DOS in Zoology, UoM inaugurated state-level seminar on ‘Recent Advances in Biological sciences’. Chief Executive of JSS College Prof B V Sambashivaiah, Principal Prof M Mahadevappa, Prof D S Sadashivamurthy, Navyashree and others are seen.

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