Jumbos enter Mahadevapura: crowds gather to watch operation

A team of forest officials have rushed to Mahadevapura where villagers spotted a herd of elephants entering their fields in search of food. Ac­cording to the villagers, there are five elephants including a baby in the herd.

On Tuesday, the elephants were spotted near Kuppega­la in Varuna constituency and the forest officials were successful in preventing the herd from entering the village.

The team of forest officials and a team from the Mysu­ru rural police had bust fire crackers and had fired in the air to scare the pachyderms. The operation was, however, abandoned as it was dark and was difficult to spot the ele­phants.

On Wednesday, the herd was spotted at Mahadevap­ura, around 12 kilometres from the city. Mahadevapura is known for its scenic beauty and has been a favourite film shooting destination. Soon, villagers alerted the forest de­partment and the police and the forest team led by DCF Karikalan rushed to the spot with fire crackers, ammunition and tranquillisers.

Hearing the news of wild elephants entering their vil­lage, hundreds of villagers from Mahadevapura and sur­rounding areas have gath­ered to see the forest officials chasing them.

According to officials, the herd would have come from Omkar Forest or from Gundlupet and would have entered Varuna and reached Mahadevapura. While the officials are making all out ef- forts to chase the elephants back into the forest, a plan ‘IT
is being chalked out to bring tamed elephants from Dubare in Kodagu to drive them away. “We are not taking any chances here and will prevent the elephants from entering the areas where villagers live,” a forest officer said.

It may be mentioned here that in 2011, a herd of wild el­ephants entered Mysuru city and went on a rampage.

The raging elephants left a trail of destruction after they wandered in from a nearby forest.

One man, a 55-year-old security guard from the Bam­boo Bazaar, was trampled tc death after he came out 01 his house to see what was going on.

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