Jurists deliberate on justice delivery, conviction rate

“In today’s society the graph of crime is rising fast. Violence and corruption have become the order of the day. In such a vulnerable situation who can transform this world, who can give solace to people having pain,” questioned Justice V Eshwaraiah, Chairman of National Commission for Backward Classes, New Delhi.

He was speaking at the inaugural programme of Jurists Conference organised by Brahmakumaris at ‘Gyan Sarovar’, at Lingadevarakoppalu, Yelwal, on the topic ‘Jurists as Protectors of Values’, recently.

“The oppressed come to court seeking justice. They believe that the judge would provide him justice and the lawyer would explain his predicament properly to the court. In such circumstances the judicial system has to understand the position of the affected person before delivering judgment. But for this to happen the lawyer and the judge have to evaluate themselves whether they are providing relief to the oppressed in the right proportion. The persons involved in judicial system need to transform their thinking to positivity”, Justice Eshwaraiah said.

High Court judge Justice R B Budihal felt the need of including spirituality in the delivery of justice which he said was seen more of late. “Values are evaporating from all strata of society and therefore the judges and advocates need a determined approach to protect values. It is our bounden duty to see that justice is provided in the right way at the right time. I am happy that Brahmakumaris are doing a yeomen service to the society by imparting values through its centres all around the globe,” he said.

Former of High Court judge Justice A S Pachapure said that parents have to create a suitable atmosphere in the home for the children to develop good character. Many a times it was seen that culprits were allowed to go scot free because of lack of evidence.

“Keen eyes are required to enquire about the culture and character of the culprit before delivering the judgment. It is unfortunate that in India only 10 per cent of the accused are being punished compared to 90 per cent in Germany. The system needs to be reviewed in this respect,” he said.

Hundreds of judges and lawyers took part in the programme.

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