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Just 10 Minutes of Meditation can relieve anxiety, improve focus

Meditation refers to a state of deep rest or relaxation something we find too hard to achieve in our fast-paced lives. Our brain is always working and our mind is constantly thinking of ways to catch up with times that are moving faster than us. Given this scenario, it is very easy to lose focus and get caught up with pressures of life. An easy way out, as per a new study, would be to give yourselves only 10 minutes to unwind and relax. According to a new Canadian research, just 10 minutes of meditation daily can help people who are more prone to anxiety and negative thoughts to focus and calm down.

Researchers from Canada’s University of Waterloo examined 82 students who experience anxiety who were asked to complete a  computer-based task while being interrupted several times in order to assess their ability to stay focused on the task at hand. Later, the participants were divided in to two groups randomly. A control group was asked to listen to an audio story while the other group took part in a short meditation exercise.

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