Justin Beiber loses the ‘lip sync’ battle

Entertainment News (Mumbai), May 12:- The twitter went full out at Justin Beiber after some of his fans accused him of lip syncing to majority of songs instead of actually singing them at the recent concert at D Y Patil stadium Mumbai.

There were some who weren’t impressed with the 23-year-old’s performance at all. They not just called it a “low on energy” show, but also observed Bieber lip syncing too many of his songs, which was quite a turn off. It can be noted that the audiences paid upto Rs 74,000 for the tickets to watch him perform live.

While some were disappointed that Bieber did not sing LIVE, some were heartbroken that their favourite pop singer did not sing some of his popular hits.

Reviews of the singer’s concert in Mumbai last night are fairly brutal and fans, many of whom are pre-teen, are furious that much of the performance was lip-synced. Just four of his 21 song set-list was sung live. The organisers were also accused of mismanagement. The people who attended the concert have said that there weren’t nearly enough toilets and water was overpriced. Actress Bipasha Basu came and left because organisers allegedly failed to give her a VIP car pass.

– (PR, Inputs- Hindustan Times)


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