Kambala: Govt to table Bill in Assembly

The Bill to pave way for Kambala, the traditional buffalo race conducted in the coastal districts of the state, will be tabled in the Legislative Assembly in two days, according to Law Minister T B Jayachandra. Speaking to media persons in Bengaluru on Monday, Jayachandra said the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (PCA), 1960, will be amended to include Kambala and bullock cart race as ‘traditional sports.’

At present, an interim stay by the High Court does not allow Kambala to be organised. The state government has been under tremendous pressure during the past few days to take steps so that Kambala is allowed. This is following the Tamil Nadu government’s move circumventing the Supreme Court ban on Jallikattu (bull taming) by promulgating an Ordinance and later replacing it with a law.


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