Kanakadasa’s compositions speak of reformation: Professor 

Staff and students of Maharani’s Women Arts College (MMAC) celebrated the Kanakadasa Jayanti to commemorate the 529th birth anniversary of saint, composer and poet Kanakadasa with great fervour.

Speaking at the programme, Professor T L Jagadish touched upon saint’s life and his philosophy which he said had a positive impact on the society. “Kanakadasa was a social reformer, who struggled to eradicate social injustice that was prevailing during those days,” he said.

“His compositions not only revealed the aspect of devotion, but also carried messages on social reformation. While condemning, the mere following of external rituals, his works also emphasised the importance of moral conduct,” Prof Jagadish pointed.

He felt the need for a comprehensive study of the works of Kanakadasa as to help the coming generations to get benefit from his teachings. “Kanakadasa Jayanti should not only remain as a celebration for us but also a day to recall all his contribution in reforming society. The celebration should aim at bringing out his teachings and values in terms of researches and speeches in order to help others to adopt them,” he said.

College Principal B T Vijaya, Cultural Committee Secretary Basavaraju, Tresurer Vijayalakshmi and Kumari were present.

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