Kannada activists oppose screening of Tamil films in Mysuru

As the Pro Kannada activists opposed the release of Bahubali – 2 in Karnataka, alleging actor Sathyaraj had insulted Kannada and Kannadigas in Cauvery dispute, rumours of Kannada films being stopped from screening in Tamil Nadu has angered Pro-Kannada activists in Karnataka and have opposed the screening of Tamil movie ‘Kadamban’ at Padma Theatre in the city on Saturday.

Padma Theatre at Agrahara was screening Tamil movie ‘Kadamban’ and the posters of the same were displayed on the walls of the theatre. Opposing this, when Tamil Nadu theatres have allegedly stopped screening Kannada movies, why should the theatres here screen Tamil movies, the activists questioned.

Relenting to the activists’ request, the theatre owner stopped the screening of Tamil movie and removed the posters.

Tight police security has been provided around the theatre to avoid any incidents. –NGB


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