Minimise use of Kinglish in day-to-day life: Dr Bhargavi Hemmige

Mysuru, February 08:- If we were taught science and mathematics using the original English words instead of their translation in Kannada, our understanding of the science subjects could have been better, said Mysore District Journalists Association (MDJA) presidnet C K Mahendra.

He was addressing the gathering during the inauguration of the programme “Kannada in Mass Media- An Overview”, organised by District Kannada Sahitya Parishat and Kannada Sahitya Kalakoota in the city on Wednesday.

He further said the use of words like triangle, point, photosynthesis further confuse the students in Kannada medium and any nearest word in the vernacular language will not give clarity to the students and instead should be used as it is.

Dr Poornima, Assistant Director, Directorate of Field Publicity spoke on how earlier only the Mysore-Bangalore dialects were used in Television and now the new channels are promoting the dialects of Hyderabad-Karnataka region, Mangalore-Karnataka region, Gulbarga-Karnataka region and so on. She said making an issue of private lives should be avoided. She gave an example of when covering assembly when H K Patil was taking on a serious matter all the TV channels went to cover a thief who was getting beaten by the public.

Dr Bhargavi D Hemmige, Head- Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, SBRR Mahajana First Grade College  who spoke on “Print Media and Kannada”, quoted 19th Century English writer who said journalism is literature in a hurry, so the tenets of literature do not apply to journalism. “Communication is the main aim and language is just a tool. In this age, if consumerism when NP is reduced to a commodity, newspapers are giving what the customer wants.

“The use of English words are so rampant that the original Kannada words are disappearing from the public consciousness. The least we can do is use the numerical, simple Kannada words, in headlines as far as possible so that it stays in the people’s memory and hence will make them useful in their daily life. This trend of using “Kinglish” should be minimised if not avoided,” she added.

Dr Y D Rajanna, President, District Kannada Sahitya Parishat, Mysore, who wrapped up the session, opined it was unfortunate the even the titles of Kannada newspapers have English names.

M Chandrashekar, President, Kannada Sahitya Kala Koota and others were present.

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