Kannada movie industry singers, workers suffer Covid curse

Prime News, State (Bengaluru), May 14:- Scores of small-time singers, musicians and workers in the Kannada film industry are economically struck by Covid-19, with their opportunities wiped out and multiple concerts, shows, orchestras and weddings cancelled, said a famous Kannada singer on Wednesday.

“Concerts and shows are a major source of income for the singers but the COVID pandemic has dealt a death blow to the industry. All concerts and shows are cancelled, including movie recordings,” Anuradha Bhat, a Kannada movie industry singer, said.
Chinmayi Athreyas, another Kannada singer, who crooned in more than 100 movies, said that shows are a quick way to earn money for a singer beyond movie recordings, which are not as lucrative as shows.

“Many singers here make money through shows. If I am not mistaken, most of the performers worldwide earn through shows, obviously, you get paid more through shows,” said Athreyas.

He said if a singer earns Rs 1 lakh through a recording, he can multiply that remuneration several times through a show which lasts for only about two hours.

At this point in time in the summer of 2020, the peak time for entertainment, Bhat and Athreyas were supposed to be on a concert tour with music director Mano Murthy in the US, but COVID poured cold water on their itinerary.

“But this year, all our shows got cancelled. I was supposed to go to Germany and Kenya for a multi-lingual concert and 10 shows were booked in the US, but all got cancelled,” pointed out Bhat.

The first week of lockdown went well like a vacation with Bhat, a vocalist originally from Mangaluru, but the continuously extending lockdown took a toll on her spirit and energy, for an artiste who globe-trotted the past decade with her melodies.

“From the past 10 years, I was never sitting at home. I was always on my toes. One week into the lockdown was like a vacation, but now you know, it is getting boring. I don’t know what to do. How many movies can you watch,” she complained. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).


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